GinSan Industries (Founded 1976) manufacture and sell the Industrial Vacuum Systems of equipment. The IVS range of vacuums are a combination of exceptional design, the use of latest state-of-the-art products, strong partnerships and environmental stewardship. PCS sells, installs and maintains a variety of GinSan Systems and IVS vacuums throughout the country.

  • The Wash & Go System– GinSan manufacture the stand-alone vehicle Wash & Go System which features high wands with long hose attachments – these units have proved ideal for organisations such as St Johns, to fleet wash their Ambulances, and also are becoming increasingly popular for Lifestyle Village complexes as a solution for washing resident’s RVs such as Motorhomes and Campervans.
  • IVS Vacuums – IVS have an extensive range of vacuums, ranging from the very simple robust commercial design, to the colourful eye catching multi functional units. PCS will work with you to make the smart equipment selection that best fits your sites particular needs.
GinSan Wash & Go System
GinSan Industrial Vacuums
GinSan Combo Vacuums