Pacific Carwash Systems - Our Story

PCS are committed to our client’s success in their local area and with our world leading carwash equipment it has proved to be a winning combination. PCS was founded in 1998 with the vision to bring PDQ Manufacturing world class touchfree and friction vehicle cleaning systems to New Zealand.

PCS began its journey installing the PDQ 4000 Touchfree units into NZ Oil sites. The work then expanded to installing independent vehicle washing sites in Auckland & Hamilton. With the runaway success of the PDQ 4000 units, additional units were installed throughout the North Island.

Seeing the success of the PDQ units, Oil retailers continued their investment program with PCS. Retailers installed the PDQ M5 TouchFree unit, the successor to the PDQ 4000. The current PDQ Laserwash 360 Plus TouchFree unit has also been installed throughout the country.

In recent times the oil industry trend is away from a corporate managed retail base to a retail owner operator model. Within this new environment, we have continued to expand the PCS brand by installing the current PDQ Laserwash 360 Plus TouchFree units nationwide at the request of discerning retailers. To date, PCS has installed both TouchFree and Friction units into more than 40 sites throughout the country from Auckland to Invercargill.

Pacific Carwash Systems are committed to constant improvement, and choose to partner with the best chemical (soaps) suppliers on the worldwide market to provide top wash quality and ensure our customers always get the best wash results possible.

Waitomo Fuel Sites
WP6 Exit crop
Washpod Mt Wellington
Cx Alex Carwash install
Caltex Fuel Sites
Washpod Pukekohe