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Pacific Carwash Systems has been servicing the vehicle washing needs of New Zealand since 1998. We have over 30 years combined experience in the vehicle washing industry. PCS can supply, install and service an equipment package that will provide your site with a reliable and much sought-after car wash service.

PCS has considerable experience installing vehicle wash systems into the retail fuel sector, and are fully safety accredited, and subject to annual safety audits.

PDQ Manufacturing Incorporated prides themselves on their commitment to continued development; always improving their vehicle washing equipment. The PDQ models of automatic vehicle washing equipment are consistently at the leading edge of today’s technology, hence why they are our preferred supplier.

Because of this investment in technology over the years, the PDQ Laserwash has become a target for less scrupulous manufacturers to produce cheap imitations – beware as a purchaser that these companies cannot offer after reliable sales support and you cannot be sure of the quality of the machinery and workmanship unless you are buying an original Laserwash.  

OverGlow is one of the latest innovations to impact the automatic car wash sector. Producing an eye catching waterfall of brightly coloured Carnauba wax, the OverGlow system from PDQ adds extra shine to the customers vehicle, and you, the customer, will love the extra revenue this product is capable of generating!

BayGlow is a lighting attraction that displays multiple color combinations and patterns that are visible from the car in the wash bay, at the gas pump, and from the street. Seamlessly controlled by your LaserWash360 Plus, BayGlow will help drive customers to your wash and ultimately help drive revenues.