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PCS is the sole distributor of the Blendco Systems range of vehicle cleaning chemicals to the New Zealand market place.

Blendco Systems has been providing innovative detergent solutions to the carwash industry for more than 35 years. Their products include a full line of the highest quality detergents, polishes and protestants and auxiliary car care products, all based on decades of formulating experience.

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SuperSat… is a complete chemical delivery system that provides the wash operator with a premium wash, while delivering cost effectiveness per wash. With the SuperSat system the operator is not paying for unnecessary water and binding agents to hold the cleaning and detergent chemicals together as with most other chemicals in the market.

SuperSat comes in a concentrated format of the individual products that are mixed at the point of delivery to the customers vehicle. This system removes approximately 80{09cbbeb1405c57348b9034dec58153bde34c22eb3d163d28857a48f5b438fe8d} of water from the pails. Why pay a high price for water, when with SuperSat your money is spent on active ingredients.

Two Step

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The History… of vehicle washing has been to use an alkaline based chemical to clean contaminates of customer vehicles. This was due to the fact that the majority of particles found on a customers’ vehicle respond to an application of alkaline.

But not all contaminates respond to alkaline no matter how strong it is applied. With SuperSat you also get the benefit of an application of low pH acid. The acid attacks the particles that alkaline cannot, thus providing the operator with a superior finished wash and greater customer satisfaction.

Blendco call this the Two Step approach, and with the SuperSat system PCS can customise a two step chemical delivery that will enhance the wash quality of your business.

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New Products… and product innovations is what keeps a focused on its market place. With Blendco systems you have a supplier who is always looking to improve their current product range.

Durashield Plus and Red Rhino Colour Coat Carnauba Wax are two of the latest product releases. These products represent Blendco systems ability to provide what the current vehicle washing market place demands.

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